My Bio:
At age 4, while my mother danced with the Saddlers Wells Ballet Company, she began to teach me and the neighborhood kids ballet in our home in Los Angeles.  When I turned 7, my mother, seeing a natural talent in my dance, enrolled me in ballet school.  I danced for several years before earning a scholarship with the Royal Ballet of London at age 13.

Falling in love with ballet, I studied at the National Ballet of Canada, took lessons with Mikhail Baryshnikov, and danced at the Greek Theater with the New York City Ballet. I became a soloist dancer with the Los Angeles Ballet the following 4 years.

Along with ballet, I studied jazz and lyrical dance with Joe Tremaine, in Studio City, California for several years.

In 1994 I became involved as a teacher and co-owner of the Sonoma Ballet Conservatory, where I was instrumental in the creation of the “Twinkle Toes” program for beginner ballet students.  In addition, I taught Intermediate & Advanced Ballet classes for adult students and designed the, “After School Action” exercise program for elementary schools in Sonoma.

A year later, I became certified to teach aerobics with a certification from the American Council on Exercise and became involved in weight training, step aerobics, group cycling, water aerobics, core strength training and earned three certifications in kickboxing.

By 1995 I was certified with the National Exercise Trainers Association as a Personal Trainer/Athletic Coach.  I utilized these certifications to train clients from High School level athletes to seniors at adult Del Webb communities.

In 2007, I partnered with Mr. California (1997), Braulio Medina, at Powerhouse Gym In Sonoma County, California.  Together we trained clients from beginners to professional power-lifters for competitions, weight lifting shows, and personal gain.  These individuals range from members of the community to police, fire, , attorneys and many other emergency responder.

Recently I have furthered my education by earning a coaching certificate from DeAnza College in San Jose, California, allowing me to help teach in local middle and high schools.  In addition, I have worked with many physical therapists, helping to bring mobility and flexibility to older adults in the community to better their health and wellness in life.

My greatest achievements so far:
Being able to work with people all ages in my studio in Cottonwood Arizona. The greatest gift I can give back, is sharing my knowledge of fitness and changing bodies.

Personal Training Philosophy

The emphasis is on “personal.” I make a commitment to provide a service that focuses on the individual and his/her needs. I design programs for beginning exercisers, professional athletes, older adults, sport-specific training, weight management/loss and nutrition.  Together, we develop a program that addresses goals that can be adapted as progress is made.

I design lessons to meet the demands of each client. The desired outcome is a working knowledge of proper body alignment and posture, a better understanding of body mechanics, correct breathing techniques, increased mobility of spinal movement and control of balance.

Through my years of experience as a personal trainer and group exercise instructor I have truly enjoyed assisting my clients to accomplish their own personal fitness goals. I create an atmosphere that’s fun, as well as challenging.

Overall fitness is made up of 5 major components:

* Cardiovascular endurance
* Muscular endurance
* Muscular strength
* Body composition
* Flexibility

Exercise helps enhance self-confidence and motivation.
Physical exercise, along with proper diet, is the path to a healthy body!